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Introduction of production innovation and production management system at

Vass Acélcsarnok Kft

Vass Acélcsarnok Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság implements the project titled “Introduction of production innovation and production management system at Vass Acélcsarnok Kft” under registration number GINOP_PLUSZ-1.1.2-21-2021-00010 in the framework of the announcement titled GINOP Plusz (EDIOP)-1.1.2-21 “Hungarian Multinational Programme – Support of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises of outstanding performance with significant growth potential”. 

The eligible costs of the project are financed from the European Regional Development Fund and from Hungarian central budget appropriations, in the form of a non-refundable grant. The beneficiary has been awarded a conditionally non-refundable grant of HUF 1.661 billion.

Vass Acélcsarnok Kft was established in 2001. Through continuous technological innovations and the development of human resources, the company has become one of the most significant producers and contractors for the construction of steel building structures on the Hungarian market.

Investments in industrial steel buildings are very popular, as their erection is more favourable than conventional technologies, both in terms of time and cost. The significant demand by the market players is also explained by the fact that such buildings are applicable to virtually any activity or function.

In response to market requirements, Vass Acélcsarnok Kft intends to develop the “Production of metallic structures” activity intensively. The company targets increasing production by boosting production efficiency and optimising manual machining. Besides continuously increasing domestic sales, expanding to foreign markets is also a company objective.

The investment allows the acquisition of a number of state-of-the-art production assets and the development of a production management system.

Key equipment to be procured in the framework of the project:

·         Jumbo-LT24-12500 Automatic 3D pipe and profile machining production cell with feeder and unloading system (also known as pipe laser)

This capital intensive industrial equipment, hitherto operated almost exclusively in Western Europe, will be first put to operation in Eastern Europe for the first time. Laser enables the cutting of thick and large pipes and profiles. In contrast to other technologies, the low unit cost and the quality f the end products represent significant advantages. The equipment can even machine profiles and pipe components measuring up to 12 metres in length and 55 - 610 mm in diameter.

·         WPS-3006 3D high-precision sheet machining production cell

This plasma cutter can cut out sheet components from sheet sizes up to 3000 mm*6000 mm, which are the supplementary gusset plates of the steel structures – for example, those used in buildings – machined by the pipe laser. It can cut out any plate component, the 3D plasma head is capable of straight as well as angled cuts. Magnetic interference protection and height sensing add to safety and consistency of quality. It can be used for drilling, milling and tapping operations.

·         Flexi 30 VSD OMD air handling system with a high-performance compressor with a refrigerant air dryer unit

The air handling system supplies the required compressed air to the production equipment and production processes by consuming the least possible amount of electricity.

·         Cloudberry MES EXPERT production management software

A production management system of modular structure suitable for the complete processing and management of the activities of the production area. It provides a comprehensive system from the management of the purchase orders at the production site though production scheduling and the control of production processes, right until reporting the products finished.

The project aims to implement technological development, production innovation and use services that help expansion to foreign markets in order to expand the company. The capacity of the equipment is ideal for us to reach our corporate objectives. They accelerate and simplify production processes, rendering them more accurate. They reduce unproductive downtimes and avoid unnecessary costs.

From the grant awarded, infrastructural conversion will also take place simultaneously in the production unit.

The asset acquisition implemented in the framework of the project shall take place before 31 December 2023.

More information on the project is available at .

For further information, please contact:

Viktor Vass

+36 30 4220480

Production innovation and introduction of production management system

Jumbo-LT24-12500 Automata 3D-s cső és profilmegmunkáló lézer
Jumbo-LT24-12500 Automatic 3D tube and profile laser


  • One of the most advanced tube lasers available today
  • It allows the cutting of pipes and profiles with a thickness of 25 mm, a diameter of 55-610 mm and a length of 12 meters. Also suitable for drilling, milling and tapping operations.
  • There is no such machine in Central -Eastern Europe

Jumbo-LT24-12500 Automatic 3D tube and profile laser


The tube laser is 37 m long, 12 m wide and 4 m high

Jumbo-LT24-12500 Automatic 3D tube and profile laser

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